PE 09.01.19

This morning we tested our strength and flexibility with some jumping and throwing.

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Inspirational Reading

At parents evening, many parents asked us the question ‘my child doesn’t enjoy reading, what can I do?’

For many children, it’s not that they don’t enjoy reading, it’s that they haven’t found the author who captures their imagination; therefore every Friday afternoon we are going to take the opportunity to look at new books that are recommended by our peers.

A child’s name will be pulled out of the hat each Friday, and they will have a week to choose a book that they think others will enjoy.

Then on Friday, they will present their book to the class, reading a small extract and saying why they enjoyed the book and take questions.

At the end of the session, another child’s name will then be pulled from the hat.

We are hoping that the activity will encourage everyone to try new books and be inspired by their friends.

Happy Reading!

A new year, a new term and a new book

Happy new year to you all. I hope you all had a great Christmas and had the opportunity to relax.

We returned to school with much excitement, as we are now based in our new room upstairs. You will have noticed that I don’t stand in the usual spot in the morning or after school. It is easier for the class to meet me by the bike shed by the Turney entrance, as we enter the building from the Daley Thompson playground. The class will also be brought back to the bike shed at the end of the day.

We have begun the term with a new book called Tidy by Emily Gravett. Yesterday, the children looked at the number of pieces of litter that could be found on the Rosendale block.

During the walk the children spotted quite a range of litter that had been left on the pavement, including 12 Christmas trees, a babies bouncing chair, a small trampoline and 3 large wooden pallets. On a positive note, the children spotted 6 rubbish bins in the area.

Today we thought about the question:

Is it important to keep things tidy? Why?

On the class vote, 23 children said yes, whilst only 3 said no….I was a little surprised and then asked who had a tidy bedroom….the results were then a little bit more realistic!

Thank you and a Happy Christmas!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your generous gifts and cards.

As the children will have told you, we have moved classroom.

We are now up the stairs. On our return in January, I will meet the children near the bike shelter at Turney Road.

As you may have seen the photo on Twitter I thought I would post it here for the parents who don’t follow the school account. Today the children got to see a pantomime from all the teachers, it was Cinderella and there were some truly beautiful ugly stepsisters and Ms Atkins played the wicked stepmother brilliantly!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year.


School Uniform Today

Good morning, please can all children wear full school uniform today. This includes, dark trousers or skirts (no patterns or light colours please), and a blue Rosedale school jumper. If they do not have a jumper, a long sleeved blue Rosedale t-shirt is the best next option.

I hope lots of you will make it down to hear the children sing and play the recorders later.