UCL Research Study: Request for Volunteers

ucl-logo_5Researchers at UCL’s Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit have contacted Rosendale in the hope that we can recruit some volunteers to take part in their study exploring why some children are able to bounce back from difficult early experiences to live happy and fulfilling lives whereas others experience difficulties.

Children taking part would be asked to complete approximately two hours of screen based tests (in school) and may be followed up again by the team 18 months later. Some children in Year 5 and 6 may also be asked to have an MRI scan (not in school) while completing the tasks.

More information is included in a leaflet, application form and prepaid envelope which you can find outside the school office. If you have any queries about the volunteer process, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Cranston at Rosendale or Georgia Rankin at UCL (g.rankin@ucl.ac.uk).


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